Seyed A. Esmaeili

I'm a CS PhD student at the University of Maryland working with John P. Dickerson and Aravind Srinivasan.

I'm interested in machine learning, algorithms, and fairness.


Selected Publications

Seyed A. Esmaeili, Hayley Grape, Brian Brubach. "Centralized Fairness for Redistricting".Under Review, 2022. [ Link. ]

Seyed A. Esmaeili, Sharmila Duppala, John P. Dickerson, Brian Brubach. "Fair Labeled Clustering".KDD 2022. [ Link. ]

Seyed A. Esmaeili, Sharmila Duppala, Vedant Nanda, Aravind Srinivasan, John P. Dickerson, "Rawlsian Fairness in Online Bipartite Matching: Two-sided, Group, and Individual".(extended abstract) AAMAS 2022, full version is Under Review. [ Link. ]

(α,β)Darshan Chakrabarti, John P. Dickerson, Seyed A. Esmaeili, Aravind Srinivasan, Leonidas Tsepenekas. "A New Notion of Individually Fair Clustering:α-Equitable k-Center".AISTATS 2022. [ Link. ]

Seyed A. Esmaeili, Brian Brubach, Aravind Srinivasan, John P. Dickerson. "Fair Clustering Under a Bounded Cost". NeurIPS 2021. [ Link. ]

Seyed A. Esmaeili, Brian Brubach, Leonidas Tsepenekas, John P. Dickerson, "Probabilistic Fair Clustering". NeurIPS 2020. [ Link. ]

C. DeCarolis, M. Ram, Seyed A. Esmaeili, Y. Wang, F. Huang, "An end-to-end Differentially Private Latent Dirichlet Allocation Using a Spectral Algorithm". ICML 2020. [ Link. ]

*(α,β) denotes alphabetical ordering.